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WROR 105.7
  • USA

  • Oldies / Popzene / Hits

WROR-FM (105.7 MHz) is a licensed commercial radio station in Framingham, Massachusetts, serving Greater Boston. It broadcasts a classic radio format of successes and is owned by the Beasley Broadcast Group. His studies and offices are located on Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester. WROR is consistently ranked as one of the most popular radio stations in the Boston media market, as well as one of the top rated classic hit stations in the United States. The WROR transmitter is located on the lower FM mast of the Prudential Tower in central Boston. The signal goes as far north as Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and as far south as Providence, Rhode Island. WROR transmits using the hybrid HD Radio format, with its HD-2 sub-channel broadcasting a classic rock format called "The Bone". WROR 105.7 egy sugárzott rádióállomás USA, Oldies / Popzene / Hits formátumban sugárzott

WROR 105.7
4.5/5 alapján 4 szavazat

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